Surviving Mass Shootings Runs In The Family?

Annika Dean survived last year’s mass shooting at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport by hiding behind a luggage cart. Her 14-year-old son Austin survived this week’s shooting at a Parkland, Fla., high school by hiding in a classroom.

“I am in disbelief; I really am,” Dean said in an interview with WPTV in West Palm Beach.

Her brother told her: “You’re one of the luckiest people on the planet or you’re one of the unluckiest,” she told WPTV.

She told him, “Both.”

Teen survived shooting at Florida high school. Unbelievably, his mother survived a mass shooting last year. | Washington Post

Florida School Shooting - Where Is The Camera Footage?


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Florida School Shooting Predictive Programming?

Nikolas Cruz, 19, massacred 17 people and injured dozens more in a bloody gun rampage at his former school in Parkland yesterday.

And many have noticed the tragedy is eerily similar to the track by the British rock legend – which is about a fictional school shooting.

The song – released on Bowie’s 2013 album The Next Day – includes lyrics like: “Valentine told me who's to go … The teachers and the football stars.”

Another line goes: “It's in his scrawny hands, it's in his icy heart.

“It's happening today.”

Producer Tony Visconti previously confirmed the song’s “scary” subject matter.

He reportedly said the song was “related to people who go postal – about people who acquire a gun and do awful things with it”.

There is no suggestion the song inspired the shooter to carry out the massacre.

But the tune’s eerie echo of yesterday’s events has not been lost on many.

The chilling lyrics to Valentine's Day by David Bowie

Valentine told me who's to go
Feelings he trea…

Technology And The Fragmented Society

John discusses the current and future state of our relationship with technology. Books referenced are Person/Planet by Theodore Roszak, Love+Sex with Robots by David Levy Alone Together by Sherry Tuttle and The Turning Point by Fritjof Capra.

Hoaxbusters Call John Adams

Listen To Me Pretend Like I Know Things

Lies has some good videos like this but his masonic one eye YouTube Channel picture is still an issue of concern. Also his video on NFL CGI was total horseshit and provided a good laugh. I also interpret it as disinformation put out by Lies. This video at least is worth the time.


Abraham Lincoln's Secret Visits to Slaves

Shortly before the election of 1860, a man came upon a plantation near Marlin, Texas, some 20 miles southeast of Waco. Though nobody knew who he was, the plantation owner took him in as a guest. The stranger paid close attention to how the enslaved people working on the plantation were treated—how they subsisted on a weekly ration of “four pounds of meat and a peck of meal,” how they were whipped and sometimes sold, resulting in the tearing apart of families. Eventually, the stranger said goodbye and went on his way, but a little while later he wrote a letter to the plantation owner, informing him he would soon have to free his slaves—“that everybody was going to have to, that the North was going to see to it.” The stranger told the owner to go into the room where he’d slept, and see where he’d carved his name into the headrest. And when the slaveholder went and looked, he saw the name: “A. Lincoln.”

Abraham Lincoln's Secret Visits to Slaves | The Atlantic This is so …